What To Do in Miami Beach

Of course lounging around on the beach all day is just one of the many great ways to spend your vacation in Miami Beach, FL. With this in mind, the city isn’t purely known for the beaches. For those who are planning a vacation to the popular tourist destination, whether it is a getaway for two, or a family vacation with the kids, or even a spring break adventure with friends, there are a few great spots you simply have to hit up. These are a few things to do while in Miami Beach.


Take in some of its history


Miami Beach is home to the famous Vizcaya Park, Indian Reservations, and even some historic architectural points you have to see while visiting the city. Whether visiting the historic neighborhood of Coral Gables, or the FL Everglades, you are sure to be captivated by the city’s diverse heritage and culture. You’ll be impressed to find it is far more than some fancy beaches where you can sit around drinking mojitos all day long (although this is, of course, a great way to enjoy the city as well) while you are visiting some of the finer historic areas of interest.


Art & Culture are abundant


Miami film festivals, dance festivals, local museums, and galleries, are all points of interest you can take in while visiting the city as well. Cutting-edge art galleries, a flourishing theater scene, or the Art Centre South Florida, are just a few of the many nearby attractions you can visit if you like art and want to see some of the timeless classics of Miami Beach. With a bustling art scene and new age movements, you can experience a culturally and constantly changing cultural revolution which the area is so well known for.


Love Sports?


Whether you are a basketball fan or love baseball, you can take in a home game while visiting Miami Beach. It doesn’t have to end with you watching sports either. For those who want to get involved in the action, you can take in some beach volleyball, visit some of the best running routes the city has to offer or take on a biking or hiking trail in one of the many state parks around the South Fl region. Whether you want to sit in the stands or take on the action, the great sunshine and warm weather are calling visitors to enjoy all the sports scene has to offer in the city.


You can’t get away from the great nightlife, some of the most famous bars and clubs in the world, and of course the exceptional cuisine. Whether you want to try Cuban cuisine or try another Latin flare, Lincoln Road and surrounding areas have something for every visitor to enjoy.
As a culturally diverse city, there is truly something for any visitor to enjoy in Miami Beach. When planning your visit to the area, these are a few of the many attractions you have to plan your trip around, to make the most of your area stay.

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