Why Shuttle Services Are The Best Option When Traveling To PortMiami

PortMiami is the number one destination for people taking a cruise in Florida. It is the starting point of a great adventure at sea. However, the port is not the starting point of the journey. Passengers also need to consider how they are going to get to the port in the first place. Some may choose to drive and pay to leave the car in the lot, with parking and rental costs (here, to compare to the car rental Panama price), this is not by all means a cheap option. Others may take the train to Miami or fly to Miami International Airport or Fort Lauderdale International Airport. But what then? It is 25 miles from Fort Lauderdale International Airport to the port.


The Metrolink link is the obvious option, but not necessarily the most convenient


Some people may decide to jump on-board the Metrorail from Miami International Airport to the port. There is a station at Freedom Tower just 1.5 miles from the port, but this still means 1.5 where travelers need to carry their luggage or hop on the Coral Way Route Trolley. Those traveling from Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport have the added journey of the Tri-Rail link to Miami International.


The alternative is either an expensive taxi or an affordable shuttle service


You might read this and think that this sounds like a lot of hassle for what should be one journey, and this is understandable. A direct route to PortMiami is definitely preferable over this option. The first thought here is to get a taxi from the airport or hotel and head straight to the port without a fuss. While this is quick, it isn’t going to be cheap. The average fair from Miami International is $37, but the average from Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood is $76. The best alternative here is to go via a shuttle. Shuttles are available from both airports at a much lower cost. The only catch is that you will be sharing the ride with other people, but this does mean that you are sharing the fare. You may also get to meet people that will be on the cruise with you ahead of boarding!


If you are traveling to PortMiami for a vacation and have arrived at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood or Miami International, or need a ride from the hotel, the shuttle really is the cheapest and most reliable option to take to go door-to-door. It can save a lot of hassle, time and money and get the vacation off to a good start.


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