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United States accommodates billions of tourists yearly, both on the domestic and international level. According to NPIAS, as of 2011, there are currently 19,700 airports in the country with Brits, Japanese, Germans, French and Italians as the primary tourist market. Although they differ as far as facilities go, they often parallel when it comes to air travel hassles. On top of long check-in counters, crowding and delays, people who fly in for business or pleasure often find it difficult to get moving from the area once they step out. Since they are located far from the city, those leaving also find it challenging to arrive for their flight on time.

Airport Shuttles in Fort Lauderdale, FL

A flight full of passengers that used our airport shuttles in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Private airport shuttles offer prompt pick up services to and from all area airports. Arrive on time and stress free with no worry about parking and dragging luggage around. Our courteous and professional drivers will drive you to the airport or pick you up at the airport and take you to your hotel, home or the destination of your choice.

This could not be any more of a reality for first time tourists who are suddenly swept into unfamiliar territory. Research does help alleviate confusion and it certainly doesn’t make things unravel the way one would expect, especially time wise. Fortunately, there are shuttle services available to cater to this exact problem and resolve related ones as well. Instead of dedicating a lot of effort and time in figuring out directions and itineraries, all a person or group has to do is contact South Florida Elite Shuttle.

You could just sit back, relax and enjoy every moment of your holiday.

  • Private airport shuttle services make for a convenient and smart travel encounter as oppose to the worry and hassle of waiting on long Car lines and finding your way out of crowded airports.
  • You will also minimize the risk of getting lost since you are accompanied by a well-trained and professional driver who knows the area well.
  • Peace of mind and no pressure in attempting to figure out traffic rules or planning where to enter or exit when escorted by a professional that is familiar with traffic and freeways.
  • Additionally, you have the convenience to make phone calls without the worry of luggage or driving to your destination. All worry free and convenient travel accommodations.

Shuttle to/from Fort Lauderdale Airport

Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Airport is one of the few international air travel facilities within the country. In 2011, it was recorded to have processed 23,349,835 passengers, which places it as the 21st busiest airport in the United States. It accommodates flights from Southwest Airlines, Spirit, JetBlue, Delta, and U.S. Airways, to name a few and classified by the US Federal Aviation Administration as a “Major Hub” for commercial air traffic. There are major renovations and expansions going on at the Fort Lauderdale airport upwards of 900 million dollars!

Shuttle to/from Miami Airport

Miami International Airport is the largest air travel gateway between the United States and Latin America. It is actually one of the biggest facilities of its kind in the country. Given its proximity to tourist attractions, it received about 31,314, 389 passengers in 2011, which places it as the 25th busiest airport in the country as far as passenger traffic goes. Most of its user demographics are European and Latin Americans.

Shuttle to/from West Palm Beach Airport

Palm Beach International Airport is the main entrance for tourists who want to access Florida’s Palm Beach County. It is a public airport that’s located 5.6 kilometers west of Palm Beach and is directly accessible through 1-95, Congress Avenue and Southern Boulevard. It entertained 5,769,583 passengers back in 2011 and facilitates flights going to Atlanta, Newark, New York, Philadelphia and Boston, to name a few and houses carriers such as AirTran, Delta, JetBlue, United and Southwest.

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