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Miami International Airport is herald as the 25th busiest airport in the United States, according to passenger traffic. It comes 12th in the country according to passenger count. This popular gateway between America and its Latin counterpart has been in operations since 1928 (formerly known as Pan American Field). Since then, it has grown itself into a major air travel facility in the country. In 2011, it accommodated 31,314,389 passengers, majority of which were Europeans and Latin Americans. It holds flights by Eastern Air Lines, National, Pan Am, Iberia, Braniff and Air Florida and serves 13 countries, namely, the U.K., Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Chile, Colombia, Haiti, Mexico, Peru, Canada, France, Panama, and of course, the U.S.



MIA stretches to about 3,300 acres, and makes use of four runways for international as well as domestic flights. As of 2009, it has averaged 982 flights per day with 82% being commercial. It houses 28 aircrafts, both multi-engine and jet. And it also lodges military jets as well as private and cargo planes. Its terminal is divided into 3 sections (North, South and Central Terminal) 10 concourses (A-J) and 6 levels, each with their specific purposes. And there are also two customs and immigration facilities in the area to protect the country against contrabands and illegal entries. As far as parking goes, the airport has three parking areas, one for short term and the other as garage (costing $2.50 per hour and $10 per day), which connect to the terminal via overhead walkways.


Miami International Airport has it all. Animal relief areas, auditoriums, baggage storage units, currency exchange booths, you name it. For dining choices, travelers can buy anything from snacks to fast food in its in-house food stalls, bars and general merchandise shops. And if you want a fine dining experience, you can place a reservation at Top of the Port restaurant, where you can enjoy panoramic views of the city. The whole airport has Wi-Fi access so you can conveniently log on to your favorite websites and entertain yourself while waiting. If you are tired, you could book a stay in MIA’s hotel, which boasts of 260 soundproof rooms for a quiet and comfortable sleep.


Given its size and scope, it is not surprising that Miami International Airport is bustling for most of its operation hours. Since it has so many passageways, users have a good chance of getting lost through the maze of shops and stalls. If you are going there, you should give yourself at least 2 hours before your flight because the traffic can be exhausting and the queue lines, long and plenty.


If you are from South Beach, you can take Metrorail going to Dadeland or hop on a Miami-Dade Transit bus. It will take you about 15 to 30 minutes to get from downtown to the airport, provided there are no problems on the road. If you are hailing from Broward and Palm Beach, you could commute using Tri-Rail. Both will be connected to MIA using the airport’s mover train.

Why take advantage of a private shuttle service to/from Miami Airport?

It costs less than a chauffeured vehicle or a car rental.
It is more secure since a professional driver is assigned to drive you to and from the airport.
Lastly, it more practical and private for getting to a destination on time.