Shuttle to/from Miami Cruise Port

The Miami Cruise Port is situated on Biscayne Bay in Miami, Florida is officially known as Dante B. Fascell Port of Miami and is connected by Port Boulevard Bridge, which hovers above the Intracoastal Waterway to Downtown Miami. The port is found on Dodge Island which is composed of three historic islands namely Dodge, Lummus and Sam’s Islands. The port is named after Dante Fascell, a congressman in Florida who served for a total of 19 terms. The Port is built on a completely man-made island.

Miami Beach is known for its festive atmosphere where the rich and famous, including celebrities, from all over the world converge and experience the thrill and excitement that it offers. It has been a tourist-friendly city which usually takes priority on many people’s list of vacation hotspots.

As most of the international cruise tours start their port of call at the Port of Miami, one can expect a port swarmed with thousands of cruise passengers either waiting to board their cruise ships or disembarking from their docked cruise lines.

Making arrangements with a shuttle service prior to your departure or arrival can make things easy and convenient. The chosen luxury shuttle service vehicle will promptly bring you to the Miami Port with all the luxurious comfort it can afford you. Your luxury shuttle service will promptly wait for you upon return to bring you home safely. There is no better transfer option than hiring a full shuttle service to and from the Miami Port full shuttle service to and from the Miami Port. You get there on time and comfortably at that!